Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm watching Elmo's World with Levi. He is almost 1 and has yet to develop an appreciation for him and that's just not right. I still have the Sesame Street 1st Birthday decorations from Elijah's 1st birthday party and I'd like to re-use them!
Abigail had a slumber party last night. She apparently didn't sleep. I'm sure she slept some... it probably just seemed like she didn't. She said she was trying to sleep, but some of the girls would not be quiet and laughed all night long. I told her she can't go to any more slumber parties if there are more than 5 going. I honestly think she was relieved. They had a game today, so most had to cheer at 9am. I'm sure that was fun on no sleep. Abigail once again forgot her pom poms. I wasn't going to go to the game for once and was just going to pick her up. I told her I wasn't going to rush out there... but I'd get them there. I think I got them there maybe 15 min into the game. One of our players got hurt. Haven't heard an update to know how he is doing. Didn't get home til almost noon.
Levi is eating about 2 small jars of baby food a day, and cheerios. I wasn't able to pump much during school, and he wasn't even taking what I was pumping. SO he's now eating baby food and cereal. I don't know how I managed to only nurse Elijah until a year. I was away from him from 11 or so until 2, not a whole lot different than Levi... but it just hasn't worked the same. Oh wait... he turned one in May, so he was with me at school. I wasn't away from him at all. I taught from 9:20 or so until 12 and had a break and would feed him then. I forgot. I was thinking about the next year when he went to 2nd Pres. Guess that makes all the difference. Still nursing though... glad I didn't have to worry about the formula recall. Don't plan on weaning any time soon. We'll just see how it goes. I adjusted fine after E was a year and nursed in the morning, around 2, and at night til he was 18 months. Really only weaned b/c I thought it might help him sleep thru the night. It didn't. I wouldn't have gone much longer than 18 months though.
I'm only giving him water to drink. I gave him juice during the boys first football game b/c I wanted to be sure and see it and L be happy... he loved the juice... but it seemed to mess him up for a week! I didn't think his system would ever return to normal. I only want to give water anyway, but I definitely won't be trying juice again any time soon.
I turne 37 Tuesday. Yuck. 80s Bash Saturday. I've been telling my students what to wear, I hadn't thought of myself. I gotta find an 80s outfit :)

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