Monday, September 20, 2010

This one is interesting... particularly the last paragraph... and the part in parenthesis...
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Tuesday, 20 September 2005
Watching SpongeBob... I know I know... but he cracks me up and the kids like him... there aren't many shows like that.

Yey, its official. We'll be on the 9th row at the Casting Crowns concert. Sounds like a good place to be :)

Anyone reading this... please pray for David. He's trying to get his first "portion" of his book turned in. Its nice being in charge of yourself, but it is also hard to be motivated to get stuff done... so pray he gets it done. Writers block can be pretty cruel :)

And I just gotta offer up a praise. I am SO enjoying my job this year. Not that I haven't enjoyed it before... I've enjoyed every single year... but there were always trials that went along with the blessings. Whether it be with administration or students, something always got in the way of it being sheer joy. Well... I know we're not even thru the first 9 weeks... but it is pretty much sheer joy. I know I know... Music 7 students would find that hard to believe LOL but that isn't really where the joy comes from... I enjoy teaching it, but it isn't like my choirs. THAT is why I went to school and THAT is what I love, and this year I thoroughly enjoy every minute of each class. Everyone is working so hard and that in itself is such a blessing. Even if they didn't sound good (which they do) I'd be thrilled with them b/c they really do have a great attitude. I've always said attitude is more important than talent... and that is SO true. I'd rather have a dozen hard-working-ready-to-please-students-with-mediocre-talent... than 50 oh-so-talented-students-who-think-they-know-it-all. I could do more with the 12! And I don't just have mediocrity... I have real talent in both groups and I am just so excited about them. Hope I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch, but I really think both choirs will develop into the best yet. Time will tell. I know I'm enjoying the heck out of them, regardless. And I think of certain people I've had in the past and I just wish they could be in class now. But, they helped me get to this point... even though they had to endure a lot right along with me. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! And I'm grateful for you as well. Some of you were the only thing that kept me going at times. Anyway, God is good. If you would have asked me in high school what I "hoped to be" when I grew up, this is it. Married, with children (though I believe I would have said at least 5) and stay at home mom... only b/c I never would have thought I could be a part time choir teacher. I feel like I have the best of ALL the worlds. God has blessed me beyond measure.

Whew, that was long.


Jill said...

I'm so glad you love your job!! That is so rare for so many. Sad, but true.

Praying for David!

becca said...

I DO love my job. This post was typed when it first started to turn around. David still needs prayer... he is over extended with his job, campaign, coaching, family, etc, etc, etc! But thankfully, he's not writing a book on top of all that ;)

Jill said...

I was wondering what book he was writing!! Haha!