Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This tells me I have had sound issues at school for way too long. Now we know when the press box was reduced to one operating channel, as it still is today.

Saturday, 24 September 2005

Woo hoo.... we beat Hector AND I actually got to stay for almost the entire game. We left a tiny bit early (after the last touchdown) and decided to go to the 5th quarter since the kids had been so good. They shocked us. We've never been able to stay beyond half time b/c they usually get sooooo gripey... but we didn't put them to bed til midnight. That is a first for the Sanders children.

Singers did great except for some reason the sound system didn't work. We had done a sound check and it worked GREAT then, but nadda, zilch, nothing when they actually sang it (which was WAY early). Didn't sing it all the way thru with the system when we did the soundcheck b/c Coach Keller didn't like it coming over the speakers... now I wish we would have so people could have at least heard it then :(

And yey, I have choir practice tomorrow at church. I have a cold... so if my three little alarm clocks stay asleep, I'm not getting up for it. But most likely, they will still arise at 7 as usual.

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