Sunday, September 19, 2010

Monday, 19 September 2005
Volleyball was fun... though my team lost every single game. It wasn't ALL my fault, so I'm still happy. Not that I made every shot... but I had some good moments (and some bad ones... caught one ball between my knees after swinging and missing...oops) One guy made me mad... invaded my territory, landed on top of me and then said "I'm sorry, I didnt know if you were going to get it (which I did and it went over, despite the 300 lbs on my foot). Grrr.... and people wonder why you don't "go for it." THAT is why. Church volleyball people... not even a cheap trophy is involved. Bobbie Ann wasn't there though... she makes it more fun :)

Found out I don't have to be involved with any of the musical goings on at homecoming, so I'll get to go to the Casting Crowns concert :) Not that I won't miss going to homecoming... but David and I really wanted to go to the concert. Yey.

My house is silent. This is such a rarity. All I hear is the A/C. David is watching football at a friend's house, the kids are finally asleep... and it is silent. Think I'll get some ice cream and enjoy it.

I left out something cute that happened today during Abigail's chapel service today. The speaker said "Does anyone know who made the first American flag?" Abigail raised her hand and when called on said "Betsy." She appeared to be so smart... which she is... little did everyone know WHY she knew that. Her grandmother's dog is a Boston Terrier... the only AKC registered breed that was developed in America... thus named after Betsy Ross. I'm surprised Abigail remembered.

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