Friday, January 7, 2011

The Cat

On my birthday (what a coincidence) a mama cat and her 'kitten' showed up at our house. We weren't even home. My neighbor friend who'd been out for a walk called to ask if we'd gotten cats. We got home late that night after taking the kids to a campaign event in Hot Springs Village. A skinny barely more than a kitten herself and her healthy older kitten greeted us. Mama was still nursing that kitten and was obviously in much need of food. I did not want cats. We didn't feed her that night as hard as it was... hoping she'd find someone else. But when she was still around the next day... I fed her. She stayed. Noticed she started kicking that big ol kitten of hers away soon after they were being fed too. Found out we had to wait 3 weeks after weaning to spay her, so that's what we were going to do.
The weekend before the election (was thinking it was on halloween, but it was actually the 29th) someone shot her or hit her, not sure which. I found a trail of blood leading to the garage. So glad my mom was there. David wasn't happy about searching the garage for what we thought would be a dead cat... and I was totally, and I do mean totally... freaked out. He had a friend over who helped him... then they saw her. She was just laying on the floor of the garage. Appeared to be ok, but she hadn't been meowing or anything... and wouldn't move. I would have been scared to pick her up (I was inside with the kids), but my mom scooped her up. She was walking funny and I thought her foot was broken. David and friend went to the midnight hours vet. She was fine except for a puncture wound in her chest. The vet also informed us she was pregnant. Great. Cats are pregnant around 65 days. It is now Jan 7. Eh hem. We didn't have her spayed b/c we thought she was pregnant. She wasn't THEN. But of course she is NOW.
She is a beautiful sweet girl... solid black with green eyes. She has become an indoor cat, as much as I can keep her in anyway. We were keeping her in the office when we thought she was going to have kittens (of course, that was quite a while ago b/c we thought she'd have them end of November originally). One night I came out of the bedroom and saw a furry little mouse in the hall. Freak out returned and cat was allowed to roam free. Haven't seen him again.
She was named September and the kitten October... but we ended up calling them Mama and Baby. We are still trying to change Mama to something else b/c I think we are confusing Levi :)
Baby disappeared right before the accident. We hoped someone took him. Abigail takes care of pets down the street when their owners go out of town. When she went beginning of November she had a welcomed surprise... Baby. They've since found a home for her. They also said they'd help us find homes for the kittens. Their daughter works for a vet clinic.
Levi loves her. He doesn't love walking (though last night he walked about 25 feet all in one attempt), but he'll walk to her! She is sweet to him too. Elijah doesn't love her. He's more timid, but she has never done anything to E either. She's very tolerant of over-done attention. Let's you pet her when you feel like it, but doesn't crawl all over you demanding it.
SO while I did not want cats... and I sure as heck didn't want a pregnant one... it's been fine with her. You don't even know she is here most of the time. Of course, I'm sure we'll know when we have kittens... but it'll only be for 8 weeks and it'll be fun for the kids. Unfortunately, looks like it will be right when David is gone all the time for the session. Yippy.

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