Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Usually when we get a stomach bug, it hits one, then 24 yrs later it hits another... and then another hours after that. Monday night around 10, Isaac threw up. Now... 48 hours earlier, Levi threw up. I thought it was something he ate b/c he also got a rash. He was fine by 7am Sunday. But now I'm thinking GREAT, it was a bug. Then I get sick. At least I didn't have to miss school in order to stay home with a sick kid. For some reason I always feel guilty about that.
And then Abigail. Sounding like fun yet? David managed to keep it all together even though he was going from child to child with a bucket. I did manage to get myself to the toilet all on my own thank you very much. And then... Levi. Ok, so I guess it wasn't a bug. It was food... and now poor baby, has a bug. He was all up and chattering with me when I didn't want to be chattered with when... HUHBLEH.
Next morning, Noah was supposed to be at school early for a practice Math Olympics test (he placed first in the ACSI disctrict competition). This is fun to him. He was excited. I had to tell him he couldn't go. Not just miss the test, but the enitre day. The boy loves schoolwork. Not just school, but the actual work. I wanted to let him go, but I couldn't see letting him go to school when his entire family was sick (cept for David and Elijah at this point). He was bound to be upchucking within the hour, right?
So he stayed home and filled sippy cups of water for us. We camped out in the family room. I moved the futon mattress from the back bedroom to the floor. At some point in the morning, Elijah got it too. I'm saying 11am, but I really have no idea. I was in a functional haze. The puking died down later and I added crackers to the family room. They seemed to stay down relatively well. By the time 4pm came around, we were all hungry, but I didn't have anything close to the BRAT diet other than those crackers... My MIL was going to make a trip up from East End after piano lessons, but David was able to get away and go to the store for us. (and I know, my neighbor Jill is thinking... why didn't you ask me??? And I would have, but honestly, right when we were wanting something, my MIL was going to come, and then David was able to... I promise!) SO he got home with bananas and popsicles and we feasted. (Oh, and much needed quality paper towels. All I had all day was a roll that might as well have been sheets of computer paper.)
Everyone was pretty good by 7pm (I couldn't wait for a time I could call bedtime... I was so ready to be OUT). Took everyone's temp and we all still had 101, self included. I went upstairs with Levi. Noah went to his bed. The rest stayed downstairs with David. Who did, eventually, get it... during the night. He was fine by morning though. He had drunk this tea stuff. I don't know what it was but I do think helped.
I kept them home from school this morning to be sure they were ok. Sent Noah... who is still, fine (and who did all his schoolwork from yesterday, plus his work from today, at school... STILL no homework). My mom came down a bit earlier than planned (she was coming tonight to keep Levi tomorrow and Friday) so I could get to school half the day. Levi's awesome babysitter got sick with it too :( Everyone was fine today. No one had "the other unmentionable problem" that often accompanies stomach bugs :) Praise the Lord for that!

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