Friday, January 28, 2011

The rest of the story...

Noah got the bug Wednesday night. I don't know why it took him so long. So he was home from school yesterday too. Yesterday was a whirlwind for me. My choir was singing at a thing at church. I had to be at school an hour and a half earlier than usual. Then I had Honor Choir after school and stuff to attendbeginning at 5pm. I got home at 4:45. I was planning on wearing regular ol jeans and boots (b/c it was a jeans/boots/barbeque thing) but David said he was wearing a suit... and that I should dress up more. He told me this at 11pm the night before! I had nothing. No time to shop... and I hate shopping. Hate it. I had a long lunch so thought I'd go to the nearest to my school store I could think of... Belk. There was nothing. Lots of elastic waists and applique. I hunted high and low, thought of stuff at home I could pair stuff with... still, nothing. I did find some nicer jeans, but didn't know what I'd wear with them. After 6th period, I went by a store a friend suggested. I had a whopping 20 min to spare before Honor Choir. Found nothing. BUT as I was leaving, around the corner was "Beyond Cotton." I had 5 minutes. Ran in and when the sales gal asked if I needed anything in particular, something about her made me think she could help. Quickly told her what had happened and what I wanted... to wear boots with something, maybe a dress, or something to go with some nicer jeans I'd bought. She showed me a few dresses, none were me... and then a jacket I loved. I was in and out in 5 minutes and finally happy. AND it was 70% off. YEY
Ran home (Noah was outside throwing a football around) after honor choir, changed and left. I despise doing that. I didn't get to be with my kids at all. Levi was not happy. A very long day for him. Got to Mark Darr's thing... which was fun. Always good to see him and Kim. Saw some other OBU folk too. Then to the Paint the Town Red thing. We stayed thru the auction then the 4 of us were going to attempt to go get sushi... but Levi had had enough. He wasn't going to sleep without me. I told my mom to have Abigail try and I'd pay her $20 if she succeeded. But he wasn't having it. So, we went home around 9.
Long crazy day. Would have been fun ending it being able to really visit with Mark and Kim... they were two of my favorite people looooooooooong before this political arena. But, I needed to be with my baby.
And THEN?? My mom got the bug. I have no idea how. I disinfected everything before she came and yeah... Noah got it and she was home with him Thursday, but he was far away in the bonus room and not puking anymore by the time I left. He had him some gatorade and stayed up there til all better.
Most contagious bug I've ever seen. My mom can't remember the last time she threw up... and she was a teacher! She'd been exposed plenty, just never got sick like that. This bug is a whopper. It will find a way in!

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