Friday, July 2, 2010

Busy Day

Went to Good Earth looking for ladybugs- they were out. Bought one plant. Went to Home Depot to find some cheap annuals- they were picked over, got a red crape myrtle that I've been wanting instead. I had removed the peach tree so we've had a bare spot for a while. Came home and got busy. It wasn't as hot as usual- wanted to take advantage. Came inside to feed L and I guess nursing following work outside isn't good. My blood pressure dropped. I didn't have enough energy to speak and was afraid to move. Thought I'd pass out. David didn't notice and just said 'you got heat exhaustion' and then went outside to mow. Abigail did notice and went out to tell him I needed him. He helped me lay down and got me water. As soon as I drank water I started to feel better. He said my feet were cold (they are NEVER cold) and I was all clammy. I felt the same as I did when I was 8mos pg with E at Silver Dollar City and got dehydrated, almost passing out. My blood pressure dropped. I took it yesterday and it was 100/60. That's a bit low for me and probably why I've been so tired.
Picture is of Abigail (5') standing between 2 limelight hydrangeas. I planted the one on the left in 05. It was the size of a pencil. I took a branch with roots off of it last summer and planted it. It didn't do much last summer- but it is growing well now. Chopped the blooms off the Endless Summer today... hoping I'll have better luck with rebloom. Its further to the right against the fence. MUCH smaller than the big limelight, same age.
I LOVE having hydrangea blooms around the house.
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