Thursday, July 22, 2010

God is SO good!

I am ever so happy to report that Levi has a place to go while I teach. Sunday afternoon I got a call from a friend saying she could watch him. I'd also heard it might work out for him to go to church. I told my friend I'd let her know. She would be wonderful- but it would be easier on me if he was at church and easier on him bc he is already used to it. So, I was waiting to find out about that. Then that evening, my neighbor Jill asked if I was still looking and said her sis in law might be able to do it. She was going to be living with them and could just walk across the street!
Found out last night she does want to do it! Levi won't have to leave his house. I'm so happy about that I could quite possibly bust :)
Thank y'all for praying. I am so blessed. I knew if God wanted me to teach- my heart would be ok with Levi's care but I had not found anything I was ok with... Until now. School starts in 2 weeks :). And I am ready!
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