Saturday, January 15, 2011


Several years ago, I started blogging to keep up with the funny things Isaac would say when he was Elijah's age. I haven't done well keeping up with Elijah's. Here are a few from this week:

On our way to church, Elijah had not seen Abigail since that morning.
Elijah: Is Abigail there?
Me: Yes
Elijah: Can I hug her? And give her a kiss?

We were playing an alphabet game of sorts using the letter B. I was saying "b- b- bathtub" "b- b- button" and pointing at various things. After doing everything in sight, I pointed to his backside and said "b- b- bottom" He furrowed his brows and said "that's not nice."

After a long night of being sick, David told him he needed to stay in bed to feel better. He said "I want to feel better on the couch."

He recently got what it means to be someone's mother. He knows Gramma is my mother. He knows I'm his mother. This morning he said "Are you my mother?" I said I was his mother, Abigail's, Isaac's, Noah's, and Levi's. He said "and Daddy's." I told him no... Gmommy was his mother but sometimes I feel like it.

One of his favorite things to say when he isn't getting his way with siblings is "Mommy told me said!"

And he thinks I'm magic... any time something happens that he didn't personally see. The other day when he was eating brownies, he asked for another one, but was distracted by the TV when I put one on his plate. He got up to get one and I told him I already did... he said "Mommy, are you magic?"

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The Davidson Den said...

All these Elijah-isms are precious. Made me smile. I need to do better about writing the things my kids say. Pictures are great, but what they SAY really completes the picture. SO...we STILL need to get together with you guys. I'm y'all still go up to the Family Center at your church every other Sunday?? Maybe we could hook up there soon. Or something like that. I really DO still want to develop some friendship opportunities for Gabriel, especially.