Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bad Blogger

My blogging has gotten worse and worse it seems :) Since I moved my laptop up to the bonus room, I can't do it as easily. But I also spend a lot less time on the computer... and that's a good thing :) We have one in the office (the one I'm on now) but it is hard for me to use it too b/c I can't keep my eyes on what everyone else is doing like I could when I had my laptop in the family room.
When I finally DO sit down to blog, there are so many things that have happened that I can't decide what to blog about and what to skip! I seem to be an "all or nothing" person.
I'll start with last night :)
We saw Santa. This isn't something I always take the time to do. I did when the older three were all little, but I think the last time was when Isaac was a year and a half or so. Maybe we went the next year, but I'm positive we haven't gone since. It just got to be too much of a chore. We decided to go last night... probably in large part b/c Elijah calls him "Hoho" and we just thought it'd be too cute to see what he does... and it was. Once he got to the front of the line (David strolled him around the mall while I waited with the others in line) we could hardly keep him from Santa. He wanted those other kids to hurry up. Then he practically ran right to him. We got a good picture... which I will eventually post (took a picture of it and it turned out ok) along with all the other pictures I've taken and not shared. This computer doesn't have a slot for the card and it is SLOW using the cord.
Elijah also sings "I got balls". We thought Isaac had taught him something he shouldn't have... until he started yelling "HEY" every so often. Then we realized it was Jingle Bells. Sounds like this:
I got balls I got balls HEY I got balls I got balls HEY I got balls I got balls HEY
no all the way or dashing thru the snow.
Monday night Ron and Kathy kept ALL FOUR kids. It was heavenly. That has never happened (except right when I came home from the hospital with Levi... we weren't going out then :) Over thanksgiving my mom kept them so David and I could see Blind Side. But this was an entire 24 hours! Of course, they were little demons when they got home from lack of sleep... but it was worth it :) We saw Avatar. Had to see it in 2D b/c 3D makes me motion sick. It was a great movie. Worth the hype. James Cameron is a much better inventor of alternate universe/writer/director than George Lucas.
We went to The Butcher Shop before the movie and had some great steaks. I like mine well done so they tend to be charred on the outside... which is generally fine with me. But this one wasn't. It was cooked all the way thru, not charred, and very juicy.
They got the kids at 10am so we even went to lunch (gotta pack it all in when you don't get the opportunity often) at Panera. Not David's favorite spot, but that's what you get when asked where you want to go and you reply "I don't care." I love Panera food, but not the coffee. I got a Gingerbread Latte- not so great and cost more than Starbucks. Shoulda known better.
Them keeping the kids also allowed me to wrap Christmas presents. I wasn't real sure how that one was going to happen had they not. I've got to put together a tricycle Christmas Eve... but really didn't want to be up wrapping too.
I've still got to get out one more time. I've been assigned to bring a salad to Christmas dinner and I can't buy that stuff early, so was going to have to make a trip out anyway for that. But I also realized I didn't get the traditional pack of underwear for Abigail's stocking... did for the boys. Can't wait to brave Wal Mart this close to Christmas, but it will have to be done.
David is busy shutting down everything he had started for the campaign. Returning cell phones, closing accounts, returning contributions... fun!
We'll be here Christmas Eve/morning then will head to Ron and Kathy's that afternoon. David's brother and family will be there too. We'll go to my parents Sunday after church. It will be short trip though b/c David has a Dr appt on the 30th.

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