Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Proud of my girl

On the way home from church- Abigail said a boy was mean. I of course asked why. She said he played a trick on her. Told her someone likes her but he wouldn't tell her who it was unless she shared her secret. She fell for it and told him her best friend had a crush on him. And then he told her nobody liked her.
That's not the proud part.
I told her she needed to tell her BF what she did and that she shouldn't have told him that. I told her friends come first. She said she knew that but that he said he wouldn't tell anyone. I told her even IF he didn't tell that she already told him and that would upset her friend. She didn't want to do it over the phone. I told her she risked her finding out from someone else. So she took my phone and called her right then. This is what I heard:
I'm a bad friend.
_____ said he knew someone liked me but he wouldn't tell me who
So I told him you liked him. I'm really sorry.
I know. I'm really sorry. You are the best friend ever. I was wrong. I'm really sorry.
And then they move on to talking about how it was mean of him to trick her and all was well.
If there is anything I hope my kids learn it is the importance of friends and to not sell them out.
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The Davidson Den said...

Yay, Abigail. And yay for you! You're a good momma!!

LF said...

Good girl, Abigail! What an important lesson to learn! Shows AWESOME character!!!

Jill said...

She is such a good kid. I would be totally okay with our little Amelia growing up to be like your Abigail. :)