Friday, December 18, 2009

Short lived

After one week of being campaign manager, he is now back at his old job. Stanley Reed had to drop out due to health issues. The job came about suddenly, and the end of it even more so. David has been hard at work all week long... and we had a stomach bug blow thru all week long. Someone has been sick every day. It has been insane. I had it yesterday. Felt awful all day long. Abigail was sick too and she felt worse than I. Poor thing threw up 10 times. I never did, just felt like it. I HATE throwing up and kept chugging Pepto to keep it away. I guess it worked. Didn't give the kids pepto b/c of the connection to Reye Syndrome.
Thankfully, David was quickly offered his old job and he will hopefully be able to get all the 'extra' jobs he had as well. I'm not sure how I feel about it all. Part of me is relieved b/c it was going to be very difficult for me to keep things afloat with him basically non-existent at home and the kids like seeing him during the day at school. It was going to be hard on them to hardly ever see him. But part of me is a little disappointed I guess. I had gone from "there is NO WAY you can take this job. I can't be a single parent. The kids will never see you. I do NOT want to move to DC" to being rather excited about it all.
But it is what it is. We'll settle back into our normal lives and things won't be quite so crazy. For THAT I'm very relieved.

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