Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Elijah and his 'foffee'

(it's decaf)
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jensoup said...

he really likes coffee...like for real???? ewww. I myself had to"aquire" a taste for it. I started w/cappi and slowly mixed more and more coffee w/it till I could tollerate just coffee. I still have to add a touch of sugar and LOTS of flavored creamer(I know your not fond of creamer-sorry!)

Debbie said...
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Debbie said...

ok. i wanted to re-write that so it made sense.
Lots of times as moms we write things that are only funny b/c it's our own kid.
Well, Elijah isn't mine, but this "foffee" thing had me laughing outloud! hahaha!
I wish I could hear him saying it.
so funny!
how does his funny compare with Isaac's humor?

becca said...

No, it makes sense. Sometimes it is hard to write things the way they sound too.
Elijah seems like a mix of Noah and Isaac. He's sensitive like Noah, but funny like Isaac. I suppose time will tell if he continues to be funny beyond the toddler years.