Thursday, December 3, 2009

An Update... finally!

With the exception of pictures and the post about the paci on our way back from Ft Smith... I haven't blogged about what's going on since Nov 23. I wouldn't know where to begin even if I could remember everything that has gone on.
We did go to Fort Smith for Thanksgiving. I think the highlight was my mom watching the kids (older 4, Levi always goes with me) so David and I could see a movie. We haven't seen a movie, just the two of us (Levi doesn't count :) since before Elijah was born. We saw The Blind Side and it was excellent. Highly recommend :)
Other than that it was a fun time had by all. The kids always enjoy seeing their cousins. They played in leaves (picture previously posted), built a fort, and who knows what else. I didn't hear any fighting so they were left alone :)
Since returning, I made a CD for my grandmother's funeral. Sad that I can't go and sing in person, but I'm glad the sound guy at church was nice enough to let me record there. I sang Danny Boy, her favorite song... and if you've never really soaked in the words... oh my... very hard not to cry. I kept thinking of moms saying goodbye to sons going off knowing they may not still be alive when the son comes back. Once when singing "from glen to glen" I thought about how my grandmother lost a baby named Glen when he was just a few months old. It made me wonder if that's why it was her favorite song. I kept crying just when trying to practice! But tuned it all out when recording and was able to get all of them done in 'one take.' Also recorded the Lord's Prayer that I had to sing a cappella b/c my track wasn't compatible with the program for some reason and Amazing Grace.
Tuesday I had a shopping day thanks to church. They watched Elijah while Levi and I went to Target for 3 hours. I got almost all my shopping done, and since I'd never opened a charge account... I saved 10% off my already good deals. I found several shirts for $1.50 each! I was very happy. Still spent a fortune since I was shopping for so many BUT I'm happy with what I got. Kids will have a good Christmas.
David ended up getting Elijah early from church b/c he walked by and E looked forlorn that he didn't get to go with Daddy. So, Daddy took him downtown on an errand. E had a blast. Levi slept the whole time, except of course when it was time to check out (isn't that always the case?) He was in his sling though so it was easy to feed him and keep going and he remained happy as a lark.
Yesterday was the busy day of church. Picking up Noah (in the rain) from school, taking him to piano, going to the bank and anywhere else I could go in 30 minutes before going back to school to get Abigail, take her to piano, pick up Noah and head back to church. Thankfully their piano teacher goes to my church so she just brings Abigail with her after her lesson. That helps a lot b/c I have praise team practice at 4 (Noah has handbells). Isaac stays in extended care until 4:45 when he goes and eats dinner at church. The rest of us eat dinner when we finish our rehearsals. It works out, but it is a bit chaotic.
And today... I really need to go to Lowe's to get a water filter for my fridge... and Wal Mart for wipes :( I didn't realize I was on my last pack. I don't know if that will happen though. I could use the wipes I have on E and the cloth wipes on L... that is likely what I'll end up doing. I really don't like taking them both out somewhere... 2 is better than the 3 little ones I used to have to take out... but I avoided doing that as much as possible back then too :)
I have some pictures on the camera that I need to upload, but that will have to wait.


Unknown said...

You sound horribly busy. Wow. I'm exhausted.

The Davidson Den said...

Man, I know all about the movie thing! Paul and I haven't been to one since going to see the FIRST Chronicles of Narnia movie! (whenever that was) But we've both been wanting to see The Blind Side. I've heard lots and lots of great things about it!

My uncle passed away a couple of months ago. Danny Boy was one of HIS favorites as well. My brother sang it, while I sang American Trilogy. I LOVE Danny Boy and would have much rather sung that, but it would have been much more difficult emotionally, for sure!