Sunday, July 26, 2009


I've been looking at fabric today. I want to cover the carseat, make a sling, diaper bag, and ??? Whatever else I have time for. David said they all look effeminate. I told him that I'm the one 'wearing' them so yeah, they will be slightly girlie I guess. I love the top left corner and I guess that one is the MOST effeminate of them all.
You *must* click to view larger. Can't tell much with the little bitty icons.


Caroline said...

I like the top left, and the one right below it, the most. But I like them all . . . You'll look good no matter what.

Debbie said...

I wonder what makes them look girlie to him...
Is it the circles?
The animal print?
Theoretically, these are boy colors...well, except for the pinkish color on the top one.
But if David isn't going to wear it, I think you are safe with any of the other ones NOT pink. I mean, if I saw a baby in a pinkish sling, I'd think girl.

The Davidson Den said...

All are very cute choices. Where are you shopping for the fabric? I like how those swatches are placed in fabric families like that so you don't have to hunt and hunt. Of course, I'm assuming here that the online store had them pictured that way and that you didn't cut and past each individual swatch, etc. Maybe you did. Anyway, what are your favorite online fabric stores?