Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Made my own laundry detergent

I used one box of washing soda (55 ounces) and an equal amount of borax. I grated a bar of fels naptha soap (5.5 oz) or well, most of it. I left a little chunk you can see on the lid in order to pre-treat stains.

Then I mixed it up.

This recipe is not like the ones I've read about, but I wanted to try it. The others seemed heavy on the soap. I'm not making the liquid version b/c I don't have room to store that, plus its a lot more work! I will start the washer on hot, add detergent (will use 1/3 a cup) and give it a chance to dissolve, then switch it over to cold if I'm washing dark clothes.
'Bout to go do a load so we'll see how it works. I liked how the fels naptha smelled better than any other detergent I've used. Don't know that my clothes will come out smelling like that though.
Will post pictures from Noah's party as soon as I find the camera. Party went well. Noah had more friends come than his previous parties and I limited him to boys he is close friens with. Apparently Monday night is a good night. I don't think we've ever done a night party for him and only did this time b/c the church couldn't be used on Saturday. I didn't plan a lot of activities, pretty much just let them play and Noah said it was "the best party ever." Only had one mishap... I got glass bottled root beer, cream soda, and crush and put it in a big tub of ice. Just thought that was more fun than juice boxes. Of course, one fell on the tile. There were some parents there who wouldn't let me clean it up 'in my condition.' I HATED letting them do it, but wasn't much I could do.
Other than that, there were no problems and everyone got along well. He has a great group of boys in his class. We are very fortunate b/c he is a tender heart.

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