Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Short post

Tonight, after eating some snickerdoodles after bathtime that I made with Crisco... I NEVER cook with trans fats. I use butter, not margarine; cream (or milk), not coffeemate; real whipped cream, not cool whip... sugar, not splenda. I don't do substitutes :) But, I did buy crisco in order to make white buttercream frosting and was looking for a recipe to use some of it. And well, they are really good. Hopefully a few trans fats won't hurt. Considering I didn't even know what trans fats were growing up, I guess we'll be ok (though I didn't do margarine, fake cream, or fake sugar then either).
Anyway... I told the kids to brush their teeth and go to bed. The boys go up, then a few minutes later Abigail goes up. Elijah follows her saying "night night" and waving at us. I hadn't even put pajamas on him, but I wanted to see what would happen. I told Abigail to get in my bed with him after brushing their teeth and see if he goes to sleep. I guess he did b/c I haven't heard from either one of them. Wow! I didn't do a thing. David and I sat down here and just said "good night" and off they went. It was really cute.


Caroline said...

Awwww . . . your babies are growing up!!!!

It's okay to cook with Crisco every once in a while . . . I think.

Thanks for your comment by the way . . . and you are right!!! That was the point, really. . . that generalizations are never a good idea. I will call you soon!

The Davidson Den said...

One word: Wow.
(That's all I can say.)