Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Plan

I've been awake in bed with Elijah in the crook of my arm for 45 minutes. That is not the norm. He usually wakes up around 6:30 with me begging for more sleep. I finally got away, but I had plenty of time to think while laying there.
He has never had a room. I didn't put a crib in our room til he was over a year. He goes to sleep in the crib but wakes in the night and joins us. This is all fine and dandy except that we have another baby on the way. I've had this summer as the 'transition time' but I wasn't real sure where I was going to transition him to. I've been thinking I'd put the crib in Abigail's room, but then he is still going to wake in the night and want out. I realized this morning I should probably transition him into a big bed at the same time... and maybe then he'd stay happy all night. Of course, there is no place to fit a big bed.
I know we've got to finish out the bonus room. That is no surprise. I was quoted $7000 a few months ago... much more than I was hoping for. I realized we'd have to do much of the work ourselves, but still got a shocker of a quote from an electrician of $3500. That seemed insane to me and thankfully, it was. I called the electrician a friend of mine uses who builds houses and was quoted $950. That is drastically better and in the ballpark of what I was thinking. I had air people scheduled to come out, but they didn't show. Got the name of the air people my friend uses so will call them... probably a good thing those other folk didn't show. I had called the people who put in the air when we built the house.
I'm hopeful we can do it for $2000. We have the drywall and carpet. It'll be a lot of work, but we've got to get it done. THEN I'll move both Abigail and Elijah into the bonus room and turn her room into a nursery for the new guy for a couple years. Then when sharing a room with her baby brother is no longer a fun idea to her... Abigail can go back to her room, the younger boys can go into Noah and Isaac's room (its closer to us, and smaller) and Noah and Isaac can have the bonus room (which will double as a playroom/media room of sorts... it's a big room).
Sounds like a plan, right? Now to just come up with $2000. ha
And guess who just woke up? I hear him making noises on the stairs...


Caroline said...

Can I get the name of your electrician? Seriously?? Actually, seriously, we do need to exchange numbers sometime . . . maybe we could get together sometime!

Other than that, you sound like you have really put a lot of thought into your plans and are making really wise decisions. I want to be like you when I grow up!

And I have another friend who is 25 weeks 0 days (I was looking at your ticker). I salute you both!

The Davidson Den said...

Electricians. Grrrrr....

Ever considered using a toddler bed? We've really made good use of ours. They are exactly the same size as a crib, and even use a crib mattress. They are great for transitioning between the crib and a big bed. We got one at Toys R Us for like $75 (I think that's right). Noah slept in it when we had Saylor. In fact, he stayed in that bed until he was 5 years old!! Gabriel started using it a couple of months after Atticus was born--about the time I noticed he was staying better in one position (head at head of bed) for most of the night. He did great. It's sort of like training wheels on a bike.