Thursday, July 30, 2009

Elijah's first movie

The fam picked me up in Hot Springs around 11:30. I got home and got to clean up the messes made while I was gone... or start on them anyway :) Also vacuumed up the attic. It was a total mess, which was to be expected after some walls were put up. Then the whole fam saw G-Force. David was going to take Abigail, Noah, and Isaac... but I've been wanting to see how E would do. We saw the non-3D version so E wouldn't have to mess with glasses (and b/c 3D makes me a bit nauseous). We took him in the small stroller and it fit right down the aisle of seats. Gotta love stadium seating. He could sit in his stroller and see just fine. I think that made a big difference-- well, that and the popcorn. He had a great time and we did too.
Came home and put clothes in the dryer. I thought a bunch of bugs were flying around in my laundry closet... then I realized it was lint. When the carpenters took down the cabinet they squooshed the dryer vent hose. So, we got to clean out all behind the washer and dryer tonight. I knew it needed to be done so I'm almost glad we were forced to do it. I attached the hose when we moved in, but there was no way I was fitting back there now. And if David hadn't gone down from 234 to 194, he wouldn't have fit either! Wasn't too bad of a job except when I found a happy meal toy that was looking an awful lot like a mouse... but it was a penguin thank goodness. Take a hard piece of plastic and cover it with dust... and it can look like just about anything :)
Electricians will be back Monday to finish up so we can have it approved by the city. Hopefully we'll get it drywalled at the end of next week. We've got to get stuff put up in the attic and get insulation attached to the ceiling this weekend. I estimated my carpet pieces that are left from building the house and I think we'll have plenty. We have more than I thought. One full roll and one piece that looks like it is about half a roll.
Baby-wise... all is good. I can't believe I only have 11 weeks left (with the assumption that I will have him a week before I'm due). I'm contracting like mad which is driving me crazy. They are getting worse and worse and they are looooooooong contractions. Really uncomfortable. But, supposedly that is just one of the many perks of having a lot of kids ;)


Caroline said...

I can't wait for your new baby to get here!

CP said...

Look forward to seeing the new room finished out.

My first movie was Bambi.