Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer is essentially over

I don't know where it went. All of a sudden we went from halfway over to over. It came upon me faster than I'd realized. I thought this summer was going to be really difficult b/c I *thought* Elijah was going to be into everything, but he's not. I realized this morning while folding laundry just how much of a help it is to have all the kids home. When they are here, he wants to be where they are and I can go elsewhere. When they aren't here, he wants to be where I am and is INTO whatever it is I'm doing (or crawling all over me). I was thinking how nice it is to be upstairs getting stuff done with Elijah happily playing with his siblings. That won't be the case once school starts. The kids will be out of here by 8am and then I'll have about an hour before I have to leave. I won't be able to get anything done. Good news is I'll be picking him up before nap. He'll nap here and I can get stuff done... but it will be during my "I am soooo tired" timeframe. I don't know what happens around 2pm, but I just feel dead!
I want to get some sewing done but since I will have to order the fabric (even if they have it at Hancock's, their sale prices are usually higher than the prices I find online). Maybe that's what I'll do while he naps :) Wonder if I can get this combo to work? I like the red in it.

or this... the toile is cheaper :)

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Alex and Jill said...

I can't believe the summer is over for all of you teachers. My S-I-L is a teacher and she is already back at work today...conferences, workshops, etc. Crazy!

I like the top choices of fabrics together. :)

I also love my peach jam...thank you!! I had some this morning and it was yummy!