Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why I didn't join the union...

...when I taught in public schools. I was hounded for it too. I was at a school with near 100% participation but refused to join. I was also involved in a lawsuit (long story and it was thrown out) so other teachers REALLY couldn't understand why I wouldn't join. I'd tell them I couldn't contribute toward liberal causes and would not join as long as they supported liberal candidates and planned parenthood.
It hasn't gotten any better (not that I expected it to)
My favorite part:
Also, the NEA voted down a resolution that called for the group to take "no position" on the issue of abortion. Currently, the NEA uses the dues money from members to advocate and support lobby groups battling for the "right to choose." Had this resolution passed, the NEA would have been unable to commit any dues money of members to causes that have anything to do with the abortion debate. Instead, they would have had to use that money on something preposterous...like issues actually pertaining to education.
I remember well sitting in class at Ouachita and being told by my professor (this was in an education class, not music) that you *must* join the union when you teach... that if you don't "you're just dumb." I (of course) had to argue with the teacher and say as a Christian there is no way I could join the union and that I felt other Christians should do the same. He said I was taking a huge risk and would have NO protection against a lawsuit. I told him I'd trust God.
And of course, I did have a lawsuit brought against me and it was stupid and frivolous and thrown out and I was just fine, thanks :)
I'm glad I don't have to deal with that stuff now and I am SO thankful that my kids are in a fabulous Christian school... but goodness... it's sad.


Alex and Jill said...

You go, girl!

The Davidson Den said...

I didn't join either. No matter how hard they tried to SELL me at their stupid REQUIRED "schmoosy" dinner, which was ONLY a disguise to recruit people. So very disgusting.

I am floored that things went down that way at Ouachita, of all places!!

Aimee said...

I never joined either! I was the only one in my school, but I could have cared less what they thought.