Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sit and Stand?

I need opinions from people who have used it. I'm wondering how happy toddlers are in the jumpseat facing backwards. Elijah isn't old enough to face forward (and stay put without being strapped in). I use a sling a lot, but not when baby falls asleep in the car and I want him to stay asleep. I don't think I want a ginormous double... I also don't want to spend a lot so if there is some perfect solution out there but it costs $300, no thank you.
I also wonder how much I'd use it. Maybe we should use two strollers with Abigail pushing the other since she would more than likely be with me. During the day it would be the grocery store if anywhere... and that means grocery cart.
I got my clothes from Wal Mart today and let me say: The overalls are awesome. Today was a cooler day or I wouldn't have tried them out. They fit wonderfully and are so comfortable. I love wearing pants that don't fall down and don't have some tight band across my belly. The legs are also more fitted than other maternity overalls I've seen or had. And the band that goes across dips down so you actually look pregnant and not F-A-T. If you are pregnant, you need a pair. $19, walmart.com. They do run a bit small. The large fits me perfectly and has a button that can be let out when my belly gets bigger. They would have been too big in early pregnancy, but they are perfect now. A medium might have worked, but I'm glad I went with large since it is late in the game. The shirts I got are great too and were each around $6. I'm a happy fattie :)


Aimee said...

Hey I have a friend that has a double stroller side by side Peg Perrigo she is trying to sell. If you are interested I will send you pics. It is light weight and folds up pretty small. It also pushes really good. I think she wants $150 for it. It was almost $400 brand new. It's in GREAT condition. She barely used it.

Caroline said...

I got Bitlet's travel system on Craigslist for $50 and it is, quite frankly, awesome. There are some great deals out there, but as for the best one? I'm not sure. I love our travel system, but I think it would depend on works for YOUR family. Sorry I am not very helpful . . . glad the clothing was awesome, though!

debbiearnn said...

I think you should wait and see what life is like with the new little one before you spend money on something like this.

When we had our 3rd, I thought I'd be using the stroller a lot, but like you said, we mostly went to the grocery store when the kids were that little...and it could just be that 2 strollers...or one and a harness for Elijah...or a rented stroller from the zoo, mall, etc. is enough.

I guess if you aren't sure how much you'd use it, wait and see how often you wish you had it once the new baby comes.

That's my two cents.

becca said...

I'm not rushing out to buy anything right now :) Just mulling things over.

Alex and Jill said...

Obviously, I have no advice on the stroller. I'm still trying to make a decision on a single.

You need to show pics of you in the clothes...I need to SEE them. :)

Geidlbots said...

Okay, I semi-just caught up on your blog. :) Wanted to tell you that we're on South Beach which is similiar to Atkins but only for the 1st two weeks, then you gradually add in whole grains and whole fruits. Anyway, many veggie recipes are okay as long as you don't use carrots and peas (sweeter veggies) and many of them use potatoes and bread/rice. I found one recipe that had rice or bulghur in it, but I'm leaving it out--no big deal. Oh, and to make you feel better, I just looked at my Criscos, and there are NO trans fats!!! There is some saturated, but no trans. Now you don't have to feel guilty!

Anonymous said...

I bought a sit and stand off craigslist and I like it. My son will be 4 soon and my daughter is 16 months. I got it last year and have the car seat attachment-love it! My son doesn't mind sitting backwards. Highly recommend one.

singingmommy said...

I have the Baby Trend sit and stand stroller...and I loathe it. It has the turn radius of an 18 wheeler hauling a double wide trailer. It's awful...but I paid too much money for it to get rid of it. With one child in the front, it works fine...but with the added weight of the second child in back, it's really difficult to manuever. My husband hates it, too. Do not recommend it at all!!!!!!!!