Saturday, July 18, 2009

Peaches! (finally)

I now have plenty of peaches to do with as I please. We went to a pick your own place in Scott where they were 85 cents a pound! I think we got close to 30 lbs... and the kids had so much fun picking them. We went with David's parents. I forgot the camera though so these were all taken with my Blackberry.
Here they are walking down the little road to get to the ripe ones.

Happy with his peach.

He thought he'd climb up and get some up high too.

All the kiddos.

He was ready to go at this point... didn't want to pick any more, but did want to wander :)

Afterwards we ate at Cotham's. The kids split a hubcap burger and it was more than enough for the 4 of them. They also watched some magic tricks. He was really good!

Then we stopped at a plantation settlement. I found it fascinating. Here we are standing in the breezeway of a dog trot style home. Two 'pens' (small rooms) are joined by this breezeway where the family would sleep in the summer. I can't imagine the work involved building this house. 18 inches high x 6 inches thick hewn logs... and I really can't imagine the family with 5 children who lived there.

Came on home after that and napped :) Then we went out to Best Buy where Elijah enjoyed boxing on the Wii. He really got into it.

And tonight after the kids went to bed, David and I sat outside. We actually got a little chilled. I have loved the weather the past couple of days. I could use some more!


Caroline said...

I could use some more of this weather, too. It's been amazing. Glad you had a great time!

Alex and Jill said...

The pics are so cute! We need to head out to Cotham's...I forget about them. Their burgers are SO GOOD!

This pregnant girl is loving this weather too! :)