Sunday, October 31, 2010

I am exhausted! Decided to have a campaign party here Tuesday night bc it would be more enjoyable to not have to worry about the kids. I didn't want to lug them out to a restaurant or hotel. I'd be miserable. Didn't want to leave them out either. But that meant some serious cleaning had to be done with no time to do it. I have been so busy and even when I *am* home I really can't do much bc of Levi and Elijah. Last week was a blur. Stayed home from church Wednesday night to work. Had a lifechamps (N & Is play, David coaches) football game Thursdau that I thought we had to win or we'd have a game election night. We lost. But turns out we're still #2 so we got a buy and don't play til Thursday in the play-offs.
Friday had a HS football game- choir does alma mater/nat'l anthem. But my mom had come down so she got a lot done Friday with no kids in the house.
Saturday I left at 6am and didn't return til 8pm. All Region auditions- at the worst possible time. My mom had the kids while David campaigned. Boys helped him some.
Stayed home this morning. Felt bad about it but I just had to. Worked til about 3:30 solid then started getting everyone ready for halloween. Got home around 8 and got to work again. Still not done- but getting there! Will be worth it when my house is clean from top to bottom- that NEVER happens. Wouldn't be able to do it had my mom not come down. She has worked hard too and will be worn out by Wednesday I'm sure!
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Jill said...

Thank God for Mamas!!! :)