Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Reading the post dated 10/13/05... I have to laugh. If you would have told me then that in 4 years I'd be giving birth to my 5th child... I never would have believed it! Nor would have believed I'm even busier now than then!

Monday, 10 October 2005

Well volleyball was a blast until 8:31... right after I leave the gym to pick up the kids from the nursery... david does something to his ankle. Not real sure what, but we don't think its broken. There was a trainer who was playing... she was real helpful. It swelled up in no time. He's on the couch now with it all elevated. I'm bummed b/c I had actually convinced him to go to the fair tomorrow and now we can't :( but I'm glad its not broken. And I'm glad he had some leftover pain meds.

Tuesday, 11 October 2005
I'm really thinking my grandma would want me to wear her square dancing outfit for western day tomorrow. The question is whether or not I bring clothes to change into before going to church...

...edit (10/12/05)...

Conversation with Isaac after picking him up from school

Isaac: I want to go to church.
Me: We are, we're just running home to change first.
Isaac: Why?
Me: Because I look silly.
Isaac: (laughing) oh yeah.

Tomorrow my mom turns 60

Thursday, 13 October 2005

Tomorrow my mom comes to babysit while David and I go to the Casting Crowns concert. She's coming early and will be at school tomorrow... yey. I had a melt-down last night b/c of everything going on in this crazy house of a home right now (stomach bugs, husband with broken foot)... and everything else I had to do (children's choir, adult choir [one last time] and had to go on a field trip with noah today) and of course Fridays are always bad with music at isaac's school in the morning, then pizza thru lunch, and my classes after that... and then all region auditions will occupy my entire saturday, youth choir is singing Sunday, I'm singing a solo with the choir, and high school choir is singing Monday night. But all will be fine I'm sure. It always is.

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The Davidson Den said...

So sad I couldn't go to the C.C. concert. I've been wanting to see them for a long time. They always come at really busy times (for me). Of course, it sounds like you've got quite a lot going on as well!! Man! Hang in there...